WjK Artisan Designs

WjK Artisan Designs is the result of a culmination of events that have transpired in the last decade. Life at times has been full of surprises, some good, some bad, and some great. The bad we learn from and hopefully use the results as a tool to move forward. The good we use a celebration of our triumphs. And some have taken me in a direction that I never thought life’s insurmountable mountains would let me climb.

I’ve always had my fingers in the arts in some way, be it while in my corporate career in architecture and retail design, to the romance novels I’ve written and am writing. To the drawings of illustrations for a children’s book, I tried my hand at, to painting, or to my creative jewelry collection I’m adding to every day.

One of the key ingredients in making the decision to go into business for myself was my family. I want my children to understand that if they put in the hard work, push themselves to make great strides, to push for success, that there is pride in accomplishing what makes them happy. Art and design make me happy.