Things are changing!

If you've noticed a lot has changed in the last few days here at Let's call it an experiment. I've combined both parts of my life that I love. Writing and WjK ARTiSAN DESiGNS. I'm still writing romance, but I've now added my new business to the site. And with that said I wanted … Continue reading Things are changing!


Happy Birthday to Me!

This past year has been full of change. I'm still writing or course, but since October, Starbucks is my new employer. I love it! Different than my retail interior architecture job--I was laid off in 2003--that was typical of the 9-5 grind, being a Barista is less stressful, but satisfying. To have a customer ask my … Continue reading Happy Birthday to Me!

Can you see your future?

As we come to the end of another year I can't believe how the wind has carried the days away. As a writer I always wish for just another minute or a little more quiet, but I have to work with what I'm given. That's two boisterous pre-teens, a husband who I couldn't live without, … Continue reading Can you see your future?