Samantha and Sara’s Scavenger Hunt

Join authors Samantha Chase and Sara Humphreys as they celebrate their new contemporary romance releases. Not only are both books part of brand new series–but they’re also the beginnings of two of hot new family sagas! To show their appreciation to the readers–new and old alike–Sara and Samantha […]

It Started with a Picture

Over on the Deadwood Writers Voices blog, I’ve started something new. The concept developed from using a picture as a writing prompt. I was stuck trying to figure out what to write next as my contribution for my writers groups blog. So I went to Pinterest for inspiration. I […]

Summer Fun…

Summer is in full swing. My girls are home and I’ve been doing my best to keep them busy. Around this varying in size summer fun circumference, my writing is progressing. I’m filling the circles pockets and divots that aren’t being sucked up by the hands of time, using my words. My commitments […]