In-depth conversations with characters aren’t uncommon among authors. But getting into their heads is sometimes difficult, so those off-the-wall and back and forth squabbles between author, and hero or heroine, can be pretty interesting. But if silence is the prescription of the day, the characters just aren’t speaking to you, what […]

Here’s What I’ve Been Working On

These past few months what’s keeping me busy is a monthly serial romance titled, Hot Blacktop, in my developing romance series, Hardwired for Speed. It’s not the typical MC story that is popular right now. It’s about the men who race and ride street bikes and the woman who can’t help but […]

Sketch 1

Pinterest drew some of my attention today and I wanted to share the sketch I did of a dark night with a full moon I discovered. We decorated for Halloween today and I was in the mood to sketch.

Riding on an Idea

The scoop as of late is, I’m developing a new series based around motorcycle racers, not to be confused with all the romance novels out their about MC’s or motorcycle clubs–which I love by the way. You might recognize some I’ve read: Sarah Castille’s, Sinner’s Tribe Motorcycle Club series, book #1 Rough Justice, […]