Thing 1

Well, that was pretty enlightening and it makes total sense to use technology to teach and learn, write and listen, review and collaberate. I’d like to see it in action, have scores improved plus if students are enjoying the learning process more. One thing I would question would […]


Voices…you hear them everywhere. But do you really listen? I think a great way to keep up with others true thoughts is sometimes more impersonal, because you’re not talking in person, but more intimate at the same time, because that person is freer to say what they want […]

The Fog

A thick and heavy fog surrounded me weighing me down the entire day. The day was Thursday. Part of me was beyond anyone’s touch; voices didn’t reach me deeply enough for my concern. Anger welled and boiled over when the clinging invisible fog was penetrated. It wouldn’t let […]

To New Friends

Since becoming a part of the deadwoodwriters group I have come a long way. It seems I’ve been involved for about 3/4 of a year. I’m not sure, but it sounds right. I’ve learned a lot and my writings improved, but the networking with new friends is really […]