Things 4 and 5

I’ve had a bloglines account for a bit now and really like it. I can get all my favorite sites that I like to go to linked in one spot, so I can check on new content. I also like the feature that updates them whenever they are […]

Thing 3

I was able to comment on someone else’s blog, once I signed into my google account. Also, I straightened out the issue where anyone else’s comments had to be reviewed by me. It should let the commenter have that instant gratification, enabling them to post right away.

Thing 2

Creating My Canvas, which is obviously my Blog was pretty easy. I got it up and running a while ago. Getting all the settings right, that was more of a challenge. It’s been an interesting process of writing for me, because more of a journal at this point […]

Thing 1

Well, that was pretty enlightening and it makes total sense to use technology to teach and learn, write and listen, review and collaberate. I’d like to see it in action, have scores improved plus if students are enjoying the learning process more. One thing I would question would […]