A new Blog I’m following

Hi all. If you’re interested in writing for kids this is a great Blog involving the industry regarding publishers, editors, and of course writers. So, check it out. Alice is the Editor of Children’s Writer’s & Illustrator’s Market. Have fun reading! Advertisements

Time Travel Prompt

The air crackled like it should, but for the first time I didn’t want to be here. It was part of daily life for me since I picked up this job. My friend said it would be great but after a while I started to notice things that […]

Thing 6

This is one of the first illustrations I did for my first story that I wrote, once I began my writing journey. The story is Becoming Lucy and I found my inspiration from my Grandma Lucy who passed away a while ago. In a round about way she […]

Things 4 and 5

I’ve had a bloglines account for a bit now and really like it. I can get all my favorite sites that I like to go to linked in one spot, so I can check on new content. I also like the feature that updates them whenever they are […]

Thing 3

I was able to comment on someone else’s blog, once I signed into my google account. Also, I straightened out the issue where anyone else’s comments had to be reviewed by me. It should let the commenter have that instant gratification, enabling them to post right away.