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The only thing Sienna Appleton’s good at is making jewelry and being a loyal best friend, it’s not making her love life work when she knows she’s unlovable. Case in point, her most recent relationship disaster, finding her current boyfriend doing the mattress mambo with another woman. To get her out of her never-ending bad mood, her best friend demands a girl’s night out.

Focused on Paulson Speedway’s continued success, Stewart ‘Saint’ Paulson doesn’t have time to deal with a relationship he doesn’t even think he deserves. That is until he’s forced to dance with a tall, leggy blond that looks more likely to throw up on him than continue dancing. But after only a night of being with her, he’s convinced she’s the woman he’ll spend the rest of his life with, but only if he can convince her that she’s worth loving. The only problem is, trouble from Sienna’s past comes calling reminding her why she’s no good for him.

Will Sienna let Saint lead her into a better future or will her past tear them apart?

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Hot Blacktop out now!

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