Things are changing!

If you've noticed a lot has changed in the last few days here at Let's call it an experiment. I've combined both parts of my life that I love. Writing and WjK ARTiSAN DESiGNS. I'm still writing romance, but I've now added my new business to the site. And with that said I wanted … Continue reading Things are changing!


Bring Your New Year in with a Bang!

Only a few more days until Hot Blacktop arrives at your favorite e-book store. See the links below to pre-order your copy today. Amazon Kindle, Nook, Kobo  

Jacob and Charlotte – Meet Cute

Continued from May 31, 2014Jakes eyes flashed wide when he saw Charlotte walk through the door of the auction house. The rough wood panels, marble floor and crystal chandeliers faded away, as memories flooded his mind he tried to bury a long time ago.They tried to make it work the second time and it had … Continue reading Jacob and Charlotte – Meet Cute

Jacob and Charlotte – Meet Cute

Contiued from blog post on May10, 2014There was a knock at her door. She blew out three harsh breaths and got up on shaky legs, grabbed her small purse, put in the lipstick and gloss, her driver’s license, her keys and money. She smoothed the tight bodice Lycra/cotton mix, and watched the flowing fabric at … Continue reading Jacob and Charlotte – Meet Cute

Jacob and Charlotte – Meet Cute

Leaving The Grind, the local coffee shop, the shwiring of milk being frothed and the rrring pulse of coffee beans being pulverized was followed by a high pitched growl after a very unpleasant discussion with one of the girls he was seeing. Jacob didn’t look back and pushed the door open and a whirlwind of … Continue reading Jacob and Charlotte – Meet Cute