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Wendi Knape

Wendi Knape lives in the greater Detroit area and is married to a very intelligent, wonderful man, which resulted in two smart, beautiful, girls that are the joy and laughter in her life. With a day job as a barista at a very popular coffee house, she has the time to dream up as many indecent sex scenes that her heart desires. Wendi, always ready to create, still finds time to paint, draw, and make jewelry, but never forgets Tuesday release day at the bookstore. There’s always another romance novel to read. You can find her at or on
Twitter: @wendjowrites or on FB: @wendiknapeauthor

#TBR April 12 2016

Two books hit my to-be-read pile this week. One book is written by an author that is new to me, and the other is written by a seasoned expert in the field of romance. Listen to Me by Kristen Proby caught my attention because of boredom. I went […]

Hot Blacktop Ch. 1 Coffee Break

The air draped the landscape in a cottony blanket as it hovered over the grassy fields behind Sienna Appleton’s house. Scents of soil and pine mingled, and the rain descended in an orchestra of chaos. Sienna wiggled her toes she’d perched on the white porch railing, hugging the […]

#TBR March 15 2016

  Nicole Edwards is not afraid of writing a love story that is taboo, categorized as erotica. It’s why she’s one of my favorite authors. And if I were to categorize Curtis, the first in the Coyote Ridge series, it is an origins story for her Alluring Indulgence […]

#TBR March 1 2016

This week two titles are being released on my to be read list, and I’m looking forward to diving right in, as always. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be on my list. Another series favorite, Chicagoland Vampires by Chloe Neill, is releasing book #12 today, Midnight Marked. There’s a reason […]