Thing 3

I was able to comment on someone else’s blog, once I signed into my google account. Also, I straightened out the issue where anyone else’s comments had to be reviewed by me. It should let the commenter have that instant gratification, enabling them to post right away.


Thing 2

Creating My Canvas, which is obviously my Blog was pretty easy. I got it up and running a while ago. Getting all the settings right, that was more of a challenge. It’s been an interesting process of writing for me, because more of a journal at this point of what I’m feeling or thinking about writing at the time either in my work or just because. I have added blogs I will be following that landed in my dashboard, but I’m still figuring out other portions of the blog. We’ll see what happens once I move on to things 3 etc.

Thing 1

Well, that was pretty enlightening and it makes total sense to use technology to teach and learn, write and listen, review and collaberate. I’d like to see it in action, have scores improved plus if students are enjoying the learning process more. One thing I would question would be how early to start students; before they learn the basics or after they have a decent foundation in reading and math. I would almost say it would be used best at the start of middle school. Sharing this with other parents is also a great benefit, to let people know that having a cell phone or iPod in class wouldn’t be a negative but a positive, if it was used in the proper way.

I think the thing that interested me most with the intro to web 2.0 was the idea of the podcast. I would be interested to add to my blog my, story ideas in a form of listening and reading at the same time, the way that I imagine it read. It would give a different view to a publisher about how I saw my own work. I’ll have to think about that. Plus the public might become more interested in the story, which would give me a following.


Finding voice through other blogs

I think by blogging, myself and showing the blogs that I like to go to, can show a great deal about where are thoughts are going regarding our writing or even personal interests. Say, I was researching for a story I was about to write. I might be looking into other peoples blogs for insight on a subject. Links are another way to find great resources. Say for instance I wanted to write about the albatross, whatever…I might try to find a blog about birds or a link that is reputable through a bird organization. I think that using these tools are a great way to develop a story. On the personal side, it might be interesting for me, since I’m an illustrator that I like the blog, Drawn! The illustration and cartoonist blog. So, I might go to that blog to see the latest examples of what people are drawing, 1 because they enjoy it or 2 because they do it as a job. Or, I might go to to see how I can use a new word in a writing exercise.

So, that’s what I’m thinking right now. I’m still working on figuring out how to use flickr with my work and I haven’t gotten through all 23 things yet. I’m kind of going out of order, so you’ll have to wait for my next installment. Ciao! everyone.


Voices…you hear them everywhere. But do you really listen? I think a great way to keep up with others true thoughts is sometimes more impersonal, because you’re not talking in person, but more intimate at the same time, because that person is freer to say what they want without any reprucusions. Blogs, I think are a good example, because sometimes it takes a lot of courage to use the voice that was given, to tell people what one really feels. It shows personality and interests through an RRS/ Links that might not be mentioned when talking in person. Or it throws away a shyness that is debilitating to some when they are around people. And with writing it can be a great tool to develop ideas and hear responses that wouldn’t be normally heard. So for my experience has been a good one.