Wendi Knape is an artist who is fascinated by the things she can’t see and the ethereal connections each has with the ones she can see.

She exhibits this inquisitiveness through her art in acrylics on canvas, be it, in landscapes, natures poetry in the blooming of a flower or the breeze as it moves through a tree and the leaves sing their unique song. Or perhaps it’s the relationship between predator and prey.

There is a greater force driving her beliefs touching her creative nature. It gives her cause to question why things happen, how they come to be, and how choices and outside forces make circumstances manifest in her art.

What People Say

Your artwork is stunning and has so many versatile applications – from just being something beautiful hanging on my wall to something more practical with beauty added to it.

Jo Self

Your painting are so mesmerizing. I personally love looking at all the little details you put into your work!

Megan Redman

The artwork is fantastic, just what my daughter wanted.

Arlene Turner

Let’s discuss a custom pet portrait.