Can you see your future?

IMG_1554As we come to the end of another year I can’t believe how the wind has carried the days away.

As a writer I always wish for just another minute or a little more quiet, but I have to work with what I’m given. That’s two boisterous pre-teens, a husband who I couldn’t live without, and a house that I have to pay attention to sometimes. I wouldn’t want any of them falling to ruin.

Looking forward into 2015, I’ve set some aggressive goals. I’m not looking to the concept of resolutions because they can be broken. Instead, I’m making a change in the way I balance my work, focusing on my writing in a way I never have and pushing hard to finish and submit my romance novel to agents. Fitting my passion to draw and paint into my life through art journaling and getting paint on canvas, which I plan to do properly this time around, is another area I’ll be focusing.

I’m excited!

I’m nervous. How can I not be? Publishing one of the romances swirling around in my imagination is something I want to happen. I’m not going to let the fear of failure get in the way. It’s not the rejection letter I fear. My fear is the insecurity in my ability to write well. Not story, but grammar. Ah, yes. The dreaded comma, semi-colon, or the past participle, are my nemesis. There are mistakes lurking in the pages of my manuscripts, but I can’t let my insecurity that I won’t find them land me in front of an impassable stop sign. So, I keep moving forward, do the best I can and get query letters ready to send.

In the coming days I’m setting fear aside, writing the romance stories I want to share and taking my art to new heights. I hope you’ll keep watch with me and see where I land as I let myself fly.

Happy Writing!

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